Shower enclosures these times are offered in a variety of glass thickness. Does the thickness of glass automatically influence the over-all good quality or security of a glass shower enclosure?

In the last few years we have seen shower glass thickness boost from close to 3mm up to 10mm in some goods. All glass utilised in the building of shower enclosures for sale in the British isles should have Toughened Protection Glass fitted as conventional. This is irrespective of the country of manufacture and is meant to reduce the threat of injury should the glass be damaged or shattered in any way. Toughened safety glass (also regarded as tempered glass) is a form of glass procedure which will guarantee the broken glass in a smashed glass shower pane will not crack into sharpe fragments. Rather it will virtually shatter into countless numbers of quite modest parts devoid of the reducing capacity of non addressed glass. This is not to say that a shattered glass device can’t cause damage, only that it is significantly much more not likely to do so.

Numerous persons think that the true thickness of the glass is a immediate indicator of its safety. This is not the scenario in the Uk as all showers will have toughened protection glass which shatters in the exact way irrespective of thickness.

Nevertheless, is the thickness an indicator of top quality?

Properly, in phrases of real ‘feel’ and motion, the thicker glass showers do have a additional weighted sense. Sliding doors for example could wobble a minor with use when manufactured employing 3 or 4mm glass. Even though a 6 or 8mm glass sliding shower doorway may be far more strong and transfer fewer when opened or closed. This is not to say that the glass is of any far better high-quality by itself, only that the motion of opening shower doors might advantage by applying a thicker glass. One more aspect that will increase the solid feel of a moving shower doorway is its hinges or sliding system. As thicker glass suggests an increase in pounds, it stands to purpose that the mechanisms utilized to move the shower doors need to have to be far more significant duty in development than individuals needed for thinner glass. This will also aid to give a thicker glass shower doorway greater ‘feel’ in its opening and closing motion.

Frameless Shower Enclosures. An additional place of showering that gains from thicker glass is the building of ‘frameless’ and ‘semi frameless’ shower enclosures. Frameless or minimalist searching showers are very popular and much more attractive to appear at. Having said that, by taking away significantly of the framework the all round rigidity and top quality experience of the enclosure decreases. This is countered by utilizing thicker 6 or 8mm glass which is inherently much better and can acknowledge additional weighty-duty corner clamps and hinges.

So, the precise thickness of shower glass is not a immediate indicator of in general high-quality. On the other hand, it is genuine that shower enclosures applying 6mm, 8mm or even 10mm glass will possibly be of greater overall construction and supply improved opening and closure truly feel than people applying thinner glass units.